Manchester Mistress Noir

Manchester Mistress Noir the Divine Goddess, Sensual and Sadistic Dominatrix

Welcome to My world..

Manchester Mistress Noirs January Shoot Ass reflection


I’m currently not accepting new slaves or session bookings, follow Me on social media for updates!

If you are lucky enough to session with Me, you will instantly know you are in the presence of a true Goddess and will want to do anything I wish to please Me!

I exude elegance and style, My voice will melt you, My looks will floor you and My body will make you drool, if you prove yourself worthy to worship Me you will think you’ve died and gone to heaven. My sensuality is captivating, I know just how to make you putty in My hands.

My mind is filled with thoughts that are deliciously dark and evil…I have no need to scream and shout, My actions speak louder than words. My pleasure is thinking up more inventive ways of disciplining and torturing you and amusing myself as much as possible. Constantly pushing your boundaries and limits, all the time making you beg for more.

My wrath is fearsome if I’m displeased, I have the most fun punishing those pathetic sluts who dare! I revel in causing and witnessing your pain, terror and discomfort, knowing you will take whatever I give you, thank Me for the privilege and come back as soon as you can for more, pathetic sluts are all the same…

I insist on the highest standards of devotion, obedience and submission, be prepared to be punished if you do not meet My expectations! Remember you are now in My world now where the rules are what I decide they will be and will change at any time just for My fun!

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